Sector: Food and Beverage Retail

The Food & Beverage Retail subsector consists of the Food Retailers & Distributors industry.

  • The Food Retailers & Distributors industry consists of companies engaged in wholesale and retail sales of food, beverage, and agricultural products. Store formats include retail supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouse supermarkets, liquor stores, bakeries, natural food stores, specialty food stores, seafood stores, and distribution centers. Companies may specialize in one type of store format or have facilities that contain multiple formats. Products are typically sourced worldwide and include fresh meat and produce, prepared foods, processed foods, baked goods, frozen and canned foods, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and a wide selection of household goods and personal care products.

Increasing the Accessibility of Licensed Warehouses

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Retail

Expected Impact

Investments in storage and warehousing will reduce food waste in the agricultural supply chain and work towards reducing the fluctuation of food prices.

Indicative Return
15% – 20%

Investment Timeframe
Medium Term (5–10 years)

Market Size