The SDG Investment Turkey Platform, which was develeoped with funding from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in cooperation with the Impact Investment Advisory Board (EYDK), focuses on mobilizing private sector financial resources to achieve SDGs and promoting impact investments. The platform aims to provide investors and enterprises with unified standards, tools, services and best practices to verify contributions to achieving SDGs and identify SDG investment opportunities in Turkey.

Who Is This Site For?

The SDG Investor Platform is for:

  • Investors

    who want to deploy capital towards the achievement of the SDGs

  • Philanthropic Foundations

    who want to quantify and articulate SDG-enabling impact achieved

  • Private Equity Funds, Bond Issuers & Enterprises

    who want to align their internal decision-making practices with contributing to the SDGs, and validate and communicate that alignment through independent assurance

  • Academia

    who want to benefit from the impact management and measurement training, including MBA programs who can build on the decision-making framework of the SDG Impact Standards

  • Consulting Firms

    who want to train and act as accredited independent assurers

  • Development Finance Institutions

    who want to target local investment opportunitiesor find partners to support SDG-relevant projects

  • Governments

    who want to develop their communities by attracting private investments