Aquamatch is a Turkish company that produces sustainable water solutions for emerging  markets. Established in 1989, Aquamatch is the leading provider of water treatment and  wastewater reuse systems in Turkey.

Food and Beverage

Direct Impact SDGs:

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is most water stressed region in  the world; over 60 percent of the population live in areas of high or very high-water stress.  The majority of economic output in the region is also produced in high water stress areas.  Recognising the need for more reliable and quality water supply, Aquamatch has expanded its  reach to this region, as well as South Asia, initiating wastewater and desalination water  treatment projects to produce clean water.

Aquamatch is a Turkish water treatment company and the leading supplier of mem brane technology for industries such as Power Plants, Food & Beverage and Heavy Industry.  Besides system manufacturing and installing, Aquamatch is also a keen supporter of ecologi cal development and transnational knowledge sharing projects. Aquamatch employs R&D  approach that allows company to build sustainable and smart water systems for businesses  and communities.

Aquamatch is active in 34 countries and four continents.With over 300 employees in  total, Aquamatch is one of the most prominent suppliers of water purification projects in Europe and the Middle East. Aquamatch Executive Office is in Istanbul and the factory is in the  southwest province of Turkey, Aydın.

To better serve these communities, Aquamatch transformed its business model to be  more in line with the SDGs, ensuring social and environmental factors are included in its in  its impact and needs assessments, adopting a circular business model and integrating low in come communities as workers and beneficiaries.  

In November 2018, Aquamatch joined Business Call to Action with a commitment to  provide clean drinking water to water-scarce communities and hire low-income youth to cre ate local jobs in the villages where their factories operate. In Turkey, Aquamatch employs 53  low income individuals. Half of these are young men below the age of 29, and two-thirds  come from nearby low income villages. According to a 2018 Workers Satisfaction Survey,  Aquamatch was the first job for two-thirds of its factory workers. Recognising the life-chang ing impact that regular employment can bring, Aquamatch aims to hire a further 20 young  people in its Turkey factories by 2022. Further in all the areas where it operates, Aquamatch  engineers provide aftersales technical support to educate the local stakeholders on how to use  the systems, and works with local engineers to install its systems. 

Aquamatch also is a full supporter of gender equality with more than 50% of the  management team, executive board, and engineers being women.