Sector: Media

The Media subsector consists of the Advertising & Marketing and Media & Entertainment industries.

  • The industry is comprised of companies that create advertising campaigns for use in media, display, or direct mail advertising and related services including market research. Advertising and marketing companies are engaged primarily by businesses selling consumer products, entertainment, financial services, technology products, and telecommunication services. Larger advertising companies are structured as holding companies, owning multiple agencies across the globe that provide a wide range of services such as custom publishing, brand consultancy, mobile and online marketing, and public relations. For any advertising campaign, the same company may be engaged in all aspects, from graphic arts and content creation to data analytics, marketing research, and media planning and buying, or the company may be in charge only of certain aspects.
  • Media and entertainment companies create content and/or acquire rights to distribute content over cable or broadcast media, including entertainment programs, news, music, and children’s programming. Companies in this industry also publish books, newspapers, and periodicals, and broadcast radio and local television programming.

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