Sector: Marine Transportation

The Marine Transportation subsector consists of the Cruise Lines and Marine Transportation industries.

  • The Cruise Lines industry comprises companies that provide passenger transportation and leisure entertainment, including deep sea cruises and river cruises. The industry is dominated by a few large companies. Cruises aim to provide a luxury resort experience for thousands of passengers at a time. The Cruise Lines industry has often been the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry, but is very cyclical.
  • The Marine Transportation industry consists of companies that provide deep-sea, coastal, and/or river-way freight shipping services. It is of strategic importance to international trade and its revenues are tied to macroeconomic cycles. Key activities include transportation of containerized and bulk freight, including consumer goods and a wide range of commodities, and transportation of chemicals and petroleum products in tankers. Due to the global scope of the industry, companies operate in many countries and under diverse legal and regulatory frameworks.

Marine transportation for freight shipments

Marine Transportation

Expected Impact

Investments in maritime transportation will reduce logistics costs and promote trade and connectivity.

Indicative Return
15% – 20%

Investment Timeframe
Long Term (10+ years)