Sector: Consumer Discretionary Products

The Consumer Discretionary Products subsector consists of the Appliance Manufacturing, Building Products & Furnishings, Household & Personal Products, and Toys & Sporting Goods industries.

The Appliance Manufacturing industry includes companies involved in the design and manufacturing of household appliances and hand tools. The industry sells and manufactures products around the world, primarily selling products to consumers through retail locations.

  • The Building Products & Furnishings industry comprises companies involved in the design and manufacturing of home improvement products, home and office furnishings, and structural wood building materials. The industry’s products include flooring, ceiling tiles, home and office furniture and fixtures, wood trusses, plywood, paneling, and lumber. Companies typically sell their products through distribution channels to retail stores or through independent or company-owned dealerships.
  • The Household & Personal Products industry comprises companies that manufacture a wide range of goods for personal and commercial consumption, including cosmetics, household and industrial cleaning supplies, soaps and detergents, sanitary paper products, household batteries, razors, and kitchen utensils. Household and personal products companies operate globally and typically sell their products to mass merchants, grocery stores, membership club stores, drug stores, high-frequency stores, distributors, and e-commerce retailers. Some companies sell products through independent representatives rather than third-party retail establishments.
  • The Toys & Sporting Goods industry comprises two distinct segments that produce leisure products: companies that manufacture toys and games, and companies that manufacture sporting and athletic goods, such as bicycles, golf clubs, fitness equipment, and other similar products. Companies in this industry primarily sell their products to consumers through retail stores. The level of manufacturing integration varies among and within segments of the industry; manufacturing is based primarily in Asia, with China accounting for a majority of production.

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