Sector: Capital Markets

The Capital Markets subsector consists of the Asset Management & Custody Activities, Investment Banking & Brokerage, and Security & Commodity Exchanges industries.

  • The Asset Management & Custody Activities industry is comprised of companies that manage investment portfolios on a commission or fee basis for institutional, retail, and high net-worth investors. In addition, firms in this industry provide wealth management, private banking, financial planning, and investment advisory and retail securities brokerage services. Investment portfolios and strategies may be diversified across multiple asset classes, which include, but are not limited to, equities, fixed income, and hedge fund investments. Specific companies are engaged in venture capital and private equity investments. The industry provides an essential service in assisting a range of customers from individual retail investors to large, institutional asset owners to meet specified investment goals. Companies in the industry range from large multi-national asset managers with a wide range of investable products, strategies, and asset classes to small boutique firms providing services to a very specific market niche. While large firms generally compete on the basis of management fees charged for their services as well as their potential to generate superior investment performance, the smaller firms generally compete on their ability to provide products and services geared towards individual clients to satisfy their diversification needs. The 2008 financial crisis and subsequent regulatory developments highlight the social impact of the industry in terms of providing fair advice to customers and managing risks at the entity, portfolio, and economy-wide levels. In addition, the collective impact of the industry on the allocation of capital creates a responsibility to integrate sustainability factors in investment decisions and management.
  • The Investment Banking & Brokerage industry consists of firms performing a wide range of functions in the capital markets, including assisting with the capital-raising and allocation process, and providing market-making and advisory services for corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high net-worth individuals. Specific activities include financial advisory and securities underwriting services conducted on a fee basis; securities and commodities brokerage activities, which involves buying and selling securities or commodities contracts and options on a commission or fee basis for investors; and trading and principal investment activities, which involves the buying and selling of equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and other securities for client-driven and proprietary trading. Investment banks also originate and securitize loans for infrastructure and other projects. Companies in the industry generate their revenues from global markets and, therefore, are exposed to various regulatory environments. The industry continues to face regulatory pressure to reform and disclose aspects of operations that present systemic risks. Specifically, firms are facing new capital requirements, stress testing, limits on proprietary trading, and increased scrutiny on compensation practices.
  • Security and commodity exchanges operate marketplaces in the form of physical trading floors or electronic platforms for trading financial securities, commodities, or other financial instruments. Companies in the industry primarily generate revenue from fees on trades and for clearing transactions as well as listing fees. Competition for fees continues to increase with the advent of alternative trading platforms that offer less expensive trades and provide listing services. Recent trends in the regulatory environment suggest a greater focus on transparency, risk management, and market stability. As new policies and market transformations encourage more responsible management of social capital and strong governance, firms that can address all forms of capital—not just financial—will be better positioned to protect shareholder value in the future.

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