Sector: Beverages

The Beverages subsector consists of the Alcoholic Beverages and Non-Alcoholic Beverages industries.

  • The Alcoholic Beverages industry includes companies that brew, distill, and manufacture various alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and liquor. Companies in this industry transform agricultural products, including sugar, barley, and corn, into finished alcoholic beverages. The largest companies have global operations, with portfolios of numerous branded products. Levels of vertical integration within the industry vary due to regulation in different markets. Breweries generally have multiple manufacturing facilities to provide access to different markets, while vintners and distillers are typically located where they have a history of production.
  • The Non-Alcoholic Beverages industry produces a broad range of beverage products, including various carbonated soft drinks, syrup concentrates, juices, energy and sport drinks, teas, coffee, and water products. The industry is dominated by large, international companies. Companies partake in syrup manufacturing, marketing, bottling operations, and distribution, with larger companies typically being more vertically integrated into operations that bottle, sell, and distribute the finished products.

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