Sector: Air Transportation

The Air Transportation subsector consists of the Airlines and Air Freight & Logistics industries.

  • The Airlines industry is comprised of companies that provide air transportation globally to passengers for both leisure and business purposes. This includes commercial full-service, low-cost, and regional airlines. Full-service carriers typically use a hub-and-spoke model to design their routes within countries and internationally. Low-cost carriers usually offer a smaller number of routes as well as no-frills service to their customers. Regional carriers typically operate under contract to full-service carriers, expanding the network of the larger carriers. Many airline companies also have a cargo segment in their operations from which they generate additional revenue. It is common within the industry for companies to form partnerships or join alliances in order to increase network size. Operating as an alliance allows airlines to offer customers access to international or otherwise underserved itineraries on multiple airlines under one ticket. At the same time, airlines share some overhead costs and increase their competitive position in the global market without having to operate outside their home country.
  • Air freight and logistics companies provide freight services and transportation logistics to both businesses and individuals. There are three main industry segments: air freight transportation, post and courier services, and transportation logistics services. Companies in the industry earn revenue from one or more of the segments and range from non-asset-based to asset-heavy. Transportation logistics services include contracting with road, rail, marine, and air freight companies to select and hire appropriate transportation. Services can also include customs brokerage, distribution management, vendor consolidation, cargo insurance, purchase-order management, and customized logistics information. The industry is key to global trade, granting it a degree of demand stability.

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