Sector: Medical Technology

The Medical Technology subsector consists of the Medical Equipment & Supplies industry.

  • The Medical Equipment & Supplies industry researches, develops, and produces medical, surgical, dental, ophthalmic, and veterinary instruments and devices. Products are used in settings, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, and range from disposable items to highly specialized equipment. The increased prevalence of diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles and an aging population are important factors that may impact growth in this industry. Emerging markets and the expansion of health insurance in the U.S. will contribute to further growth. However, the extension of government insurance programs, provider and payer consolidation, and regulatory emphasis on reduced costs in all markets may result in downward pricing pressure.

Telehealth and remote diagnosis

Health Care
Medical Technology

Expected Impact

Investments in telehealth models will improve access to healthcare services for the population as a whole and reduce the pressure on healthcare facilities, minimizing the risk of exposure for patients and healthcare workers during viral outbreaks.

Indicative Return
More than 25%

Investment Timeframe
Short Term (0–5 years)