Sector: Hospitality and Recreation

The Hospitality & Recreation subsector consists of the Casinos & Gaming, Hotels & Lodging, and Leisure Facilities industries.

  • Publicly held casinos and gaming companies operate gambling facilities and/or platforms, including brick-and-mortar casinos, riverboat casinos, online gambling websites, and racetracks. The broader industry in the U.S. is dominated by privately held Native American casinos, which significantly outnumber publicly held casinos. Native American casinos are generally owned and operated by tribes, but sometimes can be managed by commercial casino operators or other management companies. The industry is characterized by high levels of regulatory oversight, which represents the main barrier to entry for new operators. Fewer than half of U.S. states have legalized commercial casinos in some form, although industry regulation varies significantly worldwide.
  • The Hotels & Lodging industry is composed of companies that provide overnight accommodation, including hotels, motels, and inns. It is a competitive industry that is primarily comprised of large hotel chains and in which customers base purchase decisions on a wide range of factors including quality and consistency of services, availability of locations, price, and loyalty program offers. Businesses are often structured in one or more of the following ways: direct revenue from hotel services, including room rental and food and beverage sales; management and franchise services with fee revenue from property management; and vacation residential ownership with revenue from sales of residential units.
  • The industry is comprised of companies that operate entertainment, travel, and recreation facilities and services. Companies in this industry operate amusement parks, movie theaters, ski resorts, sports stadiums, and athletic clubs and other venues. Leisure facilities companies mainly generate revenue by providing live, digital, and/or interactive entertainment to millions of guests and customers annually across various locations.

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